We All Make Music – 2018

Colourful illustration with text reading We All Make Music and abstract figures playing instruments

We All Make Music was a music education festival, with inclusion at the heart.

The event took place in London in March 2018 and was the culmination of three year’s of strategic work to boost inclusivity within music education.

It kicked off with a protest song and included a live jam with every member of the audience – reflecting the name of the event and the Drake Music inclusive approach to music-making.

Conference attendees wave placards with pledges for change written on them

It also covered the Social Model of Disability, different approaches to using technology to make music education accessible and more.

We were delighted to be joined by 125 people committed to making change in music education and to being part of a movement towards a truly inclusive approach.

We All Make Music Guide

During our three year strategic programme we carried out research which shone a light onto the under-representation of Disabled people within the music education workforce.

We campaigned to change that within the music ed sector and we also worked hard to make our team more diverse and representative.  As part of this we decided to pull together resources and share our learning from this process.A row of people play different percussion instruments

For many years our team was made up largely of non-disabled practitioners. In other words, we were programming and delivering music-making opportunities FOR Disabled people. We recognised that there was a need to evolve a more collaborative approach. We needed to be programming and delivering music-making opportunities WITH, ALONGSIDE and BY Disabled people.

Our progress towards a more diverse workforce has been underway for some time, but accelerated with the Think2020 programme and we are pleased to share some of the learning we gathered along the way.

The WAMM Guide includes tips, advice, links and resources to help you diversify your workforce now and to support young Disabled people to become music leaders in the future.

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Listen to our audio round-up of the day, with interviews & clips from key presentations, as well as John Kelly’s fantastic protest song, commissioned especially for the event.


Musicians and music leaders talking and smiling onstage at the We All Make Music conference
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Animated image of hand-written protest signs piling up

We asked all our attendees to share with us a commitment they would make to inclusive music going forward… a change they were prepared to implement inspired by the event.

Read the pledges for change on our blog

We also asked Matt Griffiths, Chief Executive of funders Youth Music, to carry out an observation role on the day of the event – watching and sharing his thoughts at the end of the day with our attendees.

Read his blog following on from the event

We were also delighted to read two blogs from attendees following WAMM2018:

Illustration: Lewis Heriz
Images: Henry Woodley
Film: Nick Harsant
Podcast: Shipshape Marketing