BLOG: Making music together online

Two Disabled women are playing music using technology. One plays an iPad the other makes music using her eyes with a computer.

During the Coronavirus pandemic a lot of education began to take place online, including some of our music-making sessions which we have reflected on in our Blog.

What is it?

We shared some insights from our experience of online music delivery with young Disabled musicians of different ages. These are reflections from music leaders of their first-hand, practical experiences of working remotely to deliver sessions:

  • Early Years – A collaboration project with Soundcastle, all delivered digitally with very young children and their families.
  • Young Person’s Inclusive Ensemble – Taking a pre-existing music group online, challenges and learnings
  • Adult Ensemble – Making music remotely with Electric Storm Ensemble, what worked for us?

Who is it for?

Music leaders and teachers delivering sessions online.