Music hub partners

Our core strategic partners for our Think22 programme are:

  • Essex Music Education Hub
  • Newham Music Hub
  • Coventry Music Education Hub
  • THAMES (Tower Hamlets Music Education Hub)

Other strategic partners include Sound Connections, Bristol Plays Music, Live Music Now and Open Up.

However, our programme is already reaching beyond these partners, with delivery activity in the first year with hubs and their partners in Nottingham, Milton Keynes, Hull, Kent, Tees Valley, Birmingham, Staffordshire, Cumbria, Hampshire, North Yorkshire and Oxford.

We will be working closely with our core partners to develop and deliver bespoke programmes of action to make their music education offer more inclusive at all levels.

This includes developing a new inclusive ensemble approach in Essex and teacher training in Coventry.

We will share progress and case studies from our partners as the programme develops.

Think22 is funded by Youth Music.