Progression for young musicians

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We work across music education to improve access to creative music making.

This includes considering how young musicians progress in their learning, including progression routes and pathways for them to continue their musical career in the future.

Go Compose

Go Compose is a current project which is offering young musicians an opportunity to develop their craft. This is part of the national Go Compose programme from Sound and Music, the national charity for new music, with generous support from Youth Music.

It offers young disabled people a unique opportunity to work with professional composers and musicians to:

  • explore their musical ideas
  • develop, perform, and record their own compositions
  • discover their own musical voice
  • work creatively with others to realise their ideas
  • gain new skills and confidence
  • understand opportunities available to pursue their interest in composing

On The Go

On the Go was a music production and performance course run in the North West. It gave 3 young disabled music producers the opportunity to collaborate with MOBO-nominated Manchester jazz composer Matthew Halsall using assistive music technology.

The course participants sampled, remixed and performed elements of Matthew’s back catalogue, alongside Matt himself and a team of Drake Music associate musicians.