RESOURCE: Inclusive Music Practice

Image description: Infographic for Inclusive Music Practice – ‘Think22’. Text reads: a resource bank to accompany your journey. Four resources: What is Inclusion? Making Music is Key, Supporting Inclusion, 9 Competencies of Inclusive Music Practice and Let’s Make Music. There is a small picture of a young Disabled person using DJ decks, and keyhole graphics in green. Logos for Drake Music, Essex Music Education Hub, Newham Music, Thames Tower Hamlets Arts + Music Education Service, Coventry Music, Youth Music and Arts Council England.


Drake Music is proud to launch a bank of resources to accompany you on your Inclusive Music Practice journey.  

These resources were developed as part of the Think22 programme that helped to bring inclusive practice to the forefront of music education in England. The programme was funded by Youth Music, in collaboration with our four core partners: Essex Music Education Hub, Newham Music, THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service), and Coventry Music.  

These resources reflect Drake Music’s core organisational approach of Disabled and Non-Disabled educators, musicians, leaders, artists and practitioners working together. 

Explore the resources now by following the link!