VIDEO: Using iPads for Music

Welcome to Drake Music’s guide to using iPads to make music


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Not just a tablet, the iPad is also a very useful instrument, with opportunities to make music at different levels of difficulty. It is also a great accessible tool to open up creative opportunities for young Disabled musicians.

This guide has been written to support Drake Music’s Inclusion and Music Tech in Practice training day. It includes most of the iPad information from the training day. It is part of our Think22 programme to boost inclusion across music education.

Our Musical Inclusion Practitioners and Managers, Bea Hubble and Cassandra Gurling, have created written guides and follow-along videos to help you get to grips with the different apps and musical tools on offer.

A group of iPads set up to play music

Using iPads for Music – A DM Guide

Follow along through the links below for tutorials and step-by-step guides to get you started making music with iPads.

Guided Access

  1. Getting started with Guided Access
  2. Getting the most out of Guided Access
  3. Advanced Guided Access

ThumbJam app

  1. Choosing an instrument in ThumbJam
  2. Changing the scale in ThumbJam
  3. Changing the span in ThumbJam

Loopseque app

  1. Creating beats in Loopseque
  2. Recording Live from Loopseque

GarageBand app

  1. Choosing an instrument in GarageBand
  2. Setting up and editing chords in GarageBand
  3. Using Autoplay in GarageBand