GarageBand – How to use Autoplay

Getting to grips with  GarageBand

Part of the DM Guide to Using iPads for Music

Now that you know how to select your instrument and set up chords, another useful function is the ability to set them to autoplay. This supports music making without you having to play a piano/other instrument to accompany the group.

Setting up Autoplay in GarageBand

Watch the video on YouTube

  1. Open GarageBand
  2. Select Keyboard (for this example) and set up your chords
  3. Find the Autoplay dial – above the keyboard (see below)
    Garageband chords screen shot
  4. Set the dial to a number and select a chord on the keyboard below. The app will then automatically play a chord rhythm
  5. To change chords simply tap a different key
  6. To change the rhythm, turn the dial to a different number


How to set up Chords in GarageBand

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