The Drake Music team are staging a protest with colourful signs onstage at a conference

We advocate for equal access to music making, performance, education and more.

See below for some of our work and campaigns.


Our report –

Responding to Arts Council England research:

Campaigns & activity

Over the course of 2017/18 we have been campaigning for increased representation for disabled people in the music education workforce. This has taken a wide range of forms, from speaking at conferences to hosting our own music ed event to press:

Drake Music in the Guardian

We Don’t Fit In A Box – John Kelly

Drake Music Panel Discussion at Music Mark 2017

John Kelly to deliver Music Mark 2017 Keynote Speech

Inclusion isn’t a choice

#WAMM2018 – Inclusive music education

Other campaigns:

Using the term SEN/D

What counts as ‘Proper Music’?