GarageBand – How to set up and edit chords

Getting to grips with  GarageBand

Part of the DM Guide to Using iPads for Music

Now that you know how to select your instrument you are ready to set up chords, rather than individual notes on the keyboard.

Setting up chords on GarageBand

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  1. Open up GarageBand and select the keyboard (for this example)
  2. Press the furthest button on the right just above the piano keys (see below – icon is similar to a power bar)
    GarageBand menu screen grab
  3. This will change the screen to play chords (see below)
    Garageband chords screen shot

Setting the key for the chords

Tip: We set the key to support singing, or to encourage young people to start composing

  1. Click the spanner in the top right corner (see below) and go down to ‘Edit Chords’ on the menu that appears.
    Garageband screen shot
  2. Use the rolling menu (see below) to select the chords you’d like to use.
    Screengrab of chord menu

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