Loopseque – Creating beats

Using Loopseque

Part of the DM Guide to Using iPads for Music

This app is fantastic for building looping beat patterns very quickly. You can create backing tracks and it is easy and intuitive to use.

Creating beats with Loopseque

  1. Open Loopseque
  2. Click ‘Start new project’ and the following screen will appear:Loopseque screenshot
  3. Add sounds by touching segments on the big circle. They will light up to show they have been selected and a sound will play as the loop runs.
    Loopseque screen shot
  4. To change a sound you have put in, tap an illuminated segment again and it will disappear.
  5. The four coloured circles on screen all make different sounds. Switch between them by touching the circle you want to use.
  6. Mute a circle by tapping the grey box underneath (see below).

Loopseque screen shot


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