VIDEO: Running inclusive online events

On 17th September 2020, Sound and Music and Drake Music ran and recorded this joint digital workshop on how to run inclusive online events.

In this inclusive workshop, we explored some more advanced features of Zoom and hosting tips for running workshops.

We talked about some accessibility and inclusive practice, including discussing a few of the limitations & opportunities of running events online.

The session also looks at how to run events which are welcoming to Neurodiverse audiences and facilitators.

The Speakers

It is split into three sections:  

  • Laonikos Psimikakis Chalkokondylis (Sound and Music) discusses the difference between a meeting and a webinar, how to set up registration pages, polls, some hosting tips, and how to avoid zoombombing (34 minutes long)
  • Becky Morris Knight (Drake Music) talks about accessibility and online events, including captioning, audio description, creative access possibilities and how to use pace and space to create a relaxed event. (28 minutes long)
  • Elinor Rowlands (Drake Music, Artist in Residence) explains how to run events with and for neurodivergent artists and audiences including running online workshops in an inclusive way. (25 minutes long)