Workforce Development

Musicians and music leaders talking and smiling onstage at the We All Make Music conference

We work with a network of music leaders, schools and hub staff to increase the opportunities for training, knowledge & resource exchange and peer-learning, with the aim of reducing isolation and increasing capacity to deliver musically inclusive initiatives.

We are also developing disabled musicians as leaders, facilitators and trainers, ready to work within the music industry broadly, and education, specifically.

Informed by our research into the representation of disabled people in the music education workforce, we work across the sector to develop a more inclusive approach.

Doing Things Differently

For example, we worked with Kent Music Education Hub to make their recruitment practices more inclusive. They didn’t want to ‘do what they had always done’, because this meant that they wouldn’t widen their talent pool. Together we considered the whole process and asked ‘How can we do things differently?’

This included thinking through the following questions, and looking at policies and practices in place:

  • Do you always put your recruitment ads out in the same places?
  • Can you change the job description to remove disabling barriers?
  • Do you ask people to fill out an application form?
  • Do you use a formal interview process?
  • Do you ask for applicants to be able to drive?
  • Do you speak to applicants before an interview?
  • Are you prepared to make adjustments at each step?
  • Do you know about Access to Work?

Alongside our work with individual music education hubs, schools and arts organisations we also advocate for workforce development and equality, speaking and hosting sessions at music education events across the country including Music Mark, Music & Drama Education Expo, Breaking the Bubble, Youth Music events, Mozfest and more.

If you would like to work with us to develop your workforce we offer training and consultancy in this area and would be happy to discuss your requirements.