Photo: children signing and singing

At Drake Music we are passionate about opening up access to music for people of all ages.

We offer learning and music-making opportunities so disabled people can learn and develop as musicians – from primary school, through to adulthood – and we work with the arts and music education sectors to make them more inclusive.

We believe in the power of music-making to increase self-confidence and resilience, build social skills, networks and transferable skills and of course to bring joy.

We deliver participatory music-making projects across England and share our knowledge through training and consultancy.

Children & Young People

We work with partners (schools, music education hubs etc) to offer inclusive music-making activities for children and young people up to the age of 25. This includes peripatetic lessons, whole class teaching, inclusive ensembles and creative projects.

Sector Development & Support

We provide consultancy, advice and advocacy to boost inclusion in music education & the arts.


We offer training and professional development opportunities for music teachers & leaders, with a particular focus on using technology to improve access to music making.


We share learning and resources – from DM and our networks – to support the music ed sector to be inclusive.

Our partnership with Drake Music has had a huge impact and expanded our learning programme. Their knowledge, support and expertise has enabled us to reach out to a number of schools and families within the area. Together we are continuing to develop exciting new avenues for the foreseeable future.”
Rosie-Roella Kevlin – Artistic Coordinator Colchester Arts Centre