Creative schools projects

We work with schools and music hubs to develop bespoke creative music projects. These projects take different forms as we make a creative response to the people and places we work with.

Our team bring their ideas, energy and enthusiasm to each different situation, understanding the needs and choices of the young people involved, the priorities of the schools and partners and the skills and creativity of the musicians we work with.

From this we develop new projects to achieve exciting outcomes for all involved. For example:

R&D In The Classroom

DMLab technologists worked with the Music Education Hub in Kent to co-deliver a programme of musical instrument building & testing in two schools;  The Beacon School in Folkestone and Goldwyn School in Ashford.

A new software platform was created to allow up to 10 BBC Microbits to be used together to make instruments. The Microbits make coding new instruments easy, so that the young musicians could come up with new ideas for ways to make music, then build and test them right there and then!

Together with Tech

Together with tech was born from the idea of bringing together pupils from mainstream and special schools in London to make music together. We wanted to create a situation where all the young musicians would be at the same level of ability. To do this we used only new instruments and technology, introducing each participant to new ways of making music. They learned alongside one another, developing together and connecting through the shared experience.

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AMT Ambassadors

Our Associate Musician Jon Hering has worked in Springwood Heath Primary School for several years and understood the ethos and make-up of the school very well. This school has a mixed population of disabled and non-disabled children, with their policy for additional needs informed by the motto “Success together through caring and learning”.

In this environment Jon put forward the idea of a project involving peer learning and AMT Ambassadors grew from there. AMT Ambassadors are children in Years 5&6 who are trained up in using music tech and then lead sessions for younger children in their school. This peer-to-peer teaching delivers powerful musical, personal and social outcomes.

WATCH the film about AMT Ambassadors

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