ONLINE: DM Facebook Group for music ed

We host a peer group on Facebook for people working in inclusive music education. Our hope is that together we can support and lift each other up in our journey towards inclusion.

What is it?

A shared supportive space for teachers and music leaders to learn, explore and ask questions about best practice in inclusive and accessible music education.

We hold the space for teachers and music leaders to use. Here are some examples of why people get involved:

  • to make new contacts, and re-engage with ones they may have lost touch with
  • to share their experience, successes and findings
  • to get or make recommendations on technology
  • to promote training, events and gigs
  • to advertise jobs and sell services

Our two rules are that what you post must relate to inclusive music education specifically, and to be kind and respectful to the other members of the group.

Who is it for?

Anyone working in the field of music education who is interested in making their practice inclusive.

Join the group

Inclusive Music Teachers and Leaders Network UK