GarageBand – Choosing an instrument

Getting to grips with GarageBand

Part of the DM Guide to Using iPads for Music

This app is on all but the first-generation of iPads and has loads of helpful features to use in music sessions. We will go through some of the ones that we find to be most effective in creative music-making sessions.

Choosing an instrument in GarageBand

  1. Open GarageBand
  2. Select the instrument family you would like to use from the rotating display. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be using the ‘Keyboard’ setting.
  3. When the keyboard setting is chosen you can select the type of keyboard you wish to use. To do so, tap the image of the keyboard in the middle (see below)
    GarageBand screenshot of keyboard
  4. The following options bar will appear.  Select your choice of keyboard.
    Garagband screen grab

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