VIDEO: Fun Music Making Activity Videos

Accessible video resources for inclusive music making can be hard to come by.

So, during the Covid lockdowns, our team of talented Associate Musicians were tasked with making a fun video from home, to introduce young learners to important musical concepts in a relaxed and accessible way.

We’ve got 5 fantastic videos which can be used at school or at home to play along and have fun. They are between 2 – 6 mins long with fun graphics and captions that can be turned on in Youtube.

Dav smiles at the camera, colourful graphics are also onscreen

The Videos

  1. Oliver Cross explores rhythm
  2. Georgina Aasgaard looks at melody
  3. Dav Shiel takes us on a journey through tempo
  4. Alex Lupo introduces turn taking
  5. Ben Sellers dives deeper into rhythm

Let us know how you get on! Better yet… send us a video of the music you make!

Created by Drake Music’s Think22 team as part of our work to boost inclusion in Music Education. Supported by Youth Music, Arts Council England and the Culture Recovery Fund.