Current Projects

Rehearsal room for inclusive music group Absorbed By Sound

We are currently working on a wide range of inclusive learning and participation projects across the country. Here is a snapshot of some of our current & most recent work.

London & South East

  • Rhapsody in Ealing: A four year musical adventure
    Location: Belvue School, Ealing, weekly sessions
    Participants: Young people at Belvue School in Ealing.

Exchanging Notes is a four year project that is funded by Youth Music and in partnership with Belvue School and Ealing Music Partnership, which is the Music Education Hub in Ealing.

We have delivered the first year of the project which was full of successes and learning – read our summary blog here.

This year we will be continuing to deliver peripatetic music lessons to young people, as well as supporting the delivery of the music curriculum at the school.

We will be working with the other five special schools in Ealing to provide specialist CPD and training for teachers.

We will also be working on a fantastic research and development project from January 2016, delivering 20 sessions using technology and coding to create a new musical instrument.

Read more about Exchanging Notes

  • Tuke – Ramp it up!
    Location: Tuke School, Southwark weekly sessions
    Participants: 8 young people.

Drake Music are delivering a Ramp it up! project at Tuke school in Southwark. Ramp it up! is a legacy-driven workshop model which delivers inclusive music classes for children while training teaching staff in making the most of the tech they already have.

We are evaluating the project using the Theory of Change Model which describes and explains the impact of the programme from a beneficiary’s point of view, ensuring that it clearly monitors individual impact.

  • Day centres – Eastway care
    Location: London, weekly sessions
    Participants: Adults attending Eastway care day centres

Drake Music are working with over 35 adults at Silvertown and Romford Eastway Care Day centres.

Using Ipads, Soundbeam, and other pieces of assistive music technology alongside some conventional instruments the groups worked towards a performance at the Lord Mayor’s show in London in 2015.

  • Tower Sounds
    Location: Tower Hamlets
    Participants: Years 2 & 3 from Mayflower and Bygrove Primary schools

Tower Sounds is an inclusive music ensemble, working with Tower Hamlets primary schools and in partnership with Tower Hamlets Special advisory teacher team.

The music ensemble will be made up of 50% disabled young people and 50% non-disabled young people in mainstream education.

Tower Sounds will address the lack of inclusive music-making activities for disabled and non-disabled young people to work together, by providing the opportunity and expertise for them to learn, create and play music together.


  • Absorbed by Sound
    Location: Colston Hall, fortnightly sessions

    Participants: Young people from across Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Absorbed by Sound is a small inclusive, mixed-ability group session where participants can come together to create, perform and record music in the setting of a professional music venue.

The project has developed into a cohesive group of young people who attend regularly and perform at various events throughout the year.

Most recently the group performed at Sanctum, a public art project in Bristol created by Theaster Gates.

  • Adults Group and Electric Storm Ensemble
    Location: Colston Hall, blocks of 10 week sessions

    Participants: Adults from Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset

Drake Music provide opportunities for severely disabled adults to join together and actively participate in music within the community.

During these weekly sessions participants work together to create, rehearse and perform their own music using assistive music technology and traditional instruments.

Electric Storm Ensemble performed at Sanctum, a public art project in Bristol created by Theaster Gates and they are looking forward to further performance opportunities in 2016.

  • Ashton Park School Music Lessons
    Location: Ashton Park School, Bristol

    Participants: 8 Sixth form students

Drake Music deliver bespoke weekly music sessions with a cohort of sixth form students at this school.

Delivered by Associate Musician, Ben Glass, the students create and perform their own musical compositions and are developing a collaboration called Outernational Music with students in Brazil to share music and ideas.

Read about their recent Skype link up here.

  • House of Mirrors Sensory Experience
    Location: 10 schools in Gloucestershire, Devon, Wiltshire, Somerset and Bristol

    Participants: 5 – 18 year olds (varies depending on school)

Drake Music are collaborating with artist, Rob Olins on this innovative sound/art project.

House Of Mirrors is an installation consisting of a series of brightly coloured acoustic mirrors (big smooth dished surfaces, like big satellite dishes or simply curved walls). The ‘mirrors’ are arranged so that as you move through them speakers create pockets of sound.

This creates an immersive audio visual and sensory environment for the participants.

Drake Music Associates are running residencies in each school to work with students to find, record and edit their own sounds, which will then be used as the sound collages for the installation.

  • Amplify
    Location: Trinity Centre, Bristol
    Participants: Disabled musicians from Bristol

Amplify is a brand new 6 week music production & remixing course for disabled musicians and producers.

Participants will learn how to create and build their own tracks from scratch using Ableton Live software, guided by the expert hand of producer, DJ and promoter Luke Turner aka Lukas (Alfresco Disco/Futureboogie).


  • Young DaDa Ensemble
    Location: North West
    Participants: Young people from Merseyside

Young DaDa Ensemble is the expansion of a successful pilot project to deliver accessible music-based activities to 70 young people in Liverpool over a period of two years.

It will present progression routes for aspiring musicians, provide musical role models and help affect organisational change.

The project has two strands, each relating to different levels of musical proficiency for young people who are disabled, deaf or living with long term illness or conditions aged 11-20 from Merseyside.

The project is being delivered with partners DaDaFest, Live Music Now and Resonate, (Liverpool’s Music Hub), with funding from the Youth Music.

You can see a film about the pilot for this project here:

  • Springwood Artistic Residency
    Location: Liverpool

    Participants: Young people from Springwood Heath Primary School

Four disabled & non-disabled artists from across the UK visited Springwood Heath Primary School in Liverpool for a week-long cross-arts residency.

We created a unique theatre piece based on Hansel & Gretel that was written in just a week by nineteen disabled and non-disabled pupils. Our artists led workshops on assistive music technology; music and composition; drama and scriptwriting; and set design respectively.

Please visit this link to see a film about this project and the final event.

  • AMT ambassadors
    Location: Springwood Heath Primary school in Liverpool

    Participants: Primary school age pupils

Starting in February 2016, Drake Music associate musician Jon Hering will be working at Springwood Heath Primary in Liverpool, funded by Hemby Trust.

Jon will train up a number of the older children to be ‘AMT Ambassadors’, who in the later sessions will teach the younger children and staff members how to use the equipment, and help them to devise musical compositions/performances.