Digital Accessibility – Dealing with concentration fatigue


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How do you deal with concentration fatigue in this new, more-digital, world?

The Coronavirus crisis means that lots of day to day activities and cultural experiences are now taking place in a digital realm, from catching up with your Mum, to watching a live-streamed gig.

For many this constant digital connection is tiring and people are experiencing ‘concentration fatigue’.

This change provides both a challenge and an opportunity – to build a more inclusive digital culture and make our online experience more accessible. Not only in terms of the tech, but also in termss of our attitudes and approaches to using it.

The new norms we build around our digital spaces will be as much a part of what makes them inclusive and accessible as the code behind them.

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This thread on twitter from student Charlotte Hyde, who is the Disabled Student’s Officer at Reading University Students’ Union, sums this situation up perfectly and offers some much-needed expert advice from her personal experience.


Charlotte’s Tips for Concentration Fatigue


First up, know your limits and take breaks:


Next Char shares some advice that is very close to our hearts… listen to music:


Like the Scouts and Guides, be prepared…Plan ahead and always have a cuppa ready.

And another important one – do whatever you can to improve your audio.


We can’t emphasise this next one enough… ask for what you need.

Not only might you need an hour off from everyone at some point, you might need a break during a meeting, or a pause in the working day. That’s ok.

The flip side is that if you are the person calling a meeting or hosting an event, make sure you check in with your participants’ requirements and be mindful of their needs.


Self care is important. Be kind to yourself.. and we would add, be kind to others too! We are all on a learning curve and trying to work/live through a crisis, so let’s do our best to support, include and care for each other.


Yes @charlhyde this has definitely been helpful and thanks so much for saying we could share your thread!

Finally, not only has Charlotte covered a huge amount of useful stuff for anyone who is feeling the Zoom burnout, there’s also lots of useful stuff in the replies and comments too, like these handy…

…Bonus tips!

Have you experienced concentration fatigue? Do you have tips for dealing with it?

Leave us a comment or drop us a tweet… at your own pace and when you feel ready, of course.

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