Accessibility information

Accessibility Statement

We are working hard to make this site accessible to a wide audience. Our goal is for every image and video to be audio described and all speech to be subtitled. We are actively seeking funding to achieve this, and are continually working to further improve site access. Please contact us if you come across any accessibility issues that need to be addressed:

Text resizing

We recommend to use your browser’s built-in text zoom functionalities to increase the text size of our web site. You can do that by following the instructions below.

• PC / Internet Explorer 6

From the top menu bar, select View and point to Text size

• PC / Internet Explorer 7

From the menu bar underneath the search field, select Page and point to Text size

• PC / other browsers

Increase text size: Hold down the CTRL key and press +
Decrease text size: Hold down the CTRL key and press 

• Mac / all browsers

Increase text size: Hold down the Command key and press +
Decrease text size: Hold down the Command key and press 

In case you cannot access your browser’s built-in functionality, please use the text size links on the top of every page.
(Please note, our text resizing feature is dependent on javascript being turned on.)

Access keys

These can be accessed in the following way:

• PC: hold down Alt
• Mac: hold down Ctrl
• Firefox 2+: hold down Alt and Shift

Then press one of the keys listed below:

‘s’ to jump to the content
‘r’ to skip a search form in the content and jump straight to the results
‘0’ to jump to the site navigation
‘1’ to go to the home page
‘3’ to jump to the sitemap in the footer
‘4’ to jump to the site search
‘6’ to see this the accessibility help
‘c’ to jump to the comments (where comments are available).

Note: for the access keys that use numbers instead of letters, use the number keys at the top of your keyboard, not the numeric keypad.

You can find more information about access keys on the following entry in wikipedia

Colour Schemes

Choose between 3 colour schemes by clicking the colour scheme icons at the top of every page: black & green on white / white & lightbrown on black / white & red on black.