Together with Tech

Together with Tech brought together pupils from mainstream and special schools to make music using accessible music technology. This way of making music was new to the whole group, creating a […]

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The workshop leader points at his iPad, the woman next to him smiles

We All Make Music 2018

We All Make Music was the culmination of the Think2020 programme designed to boost inclusion in music education. An inclusive, exciting event for music educators, it started with a protest […]

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A tupperware box full of wires shines with a bright light in one corner

Light & Buzz Box prototype

As part of our DMLab research and development work we create and prototype new forms of accessible musical instrument. These can be beautiful bespoke instruments like the Kellycaster guitar designed […]

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Electric Storm Ensemble

Electric Storm Ensemble are an inclusive band of musicians based in Bristol who play and write music together and perform live at venues around the city. They have performed live […]

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A woman smiles broadly as she hugs a tree and it makes a sound.

Planted Symphony

A collaboration between Drake Music and Arts & Gardens. Planted Symphony asked the question “what if a garden could make music”? First performed as Part of Liberty Festival 2017 at […]

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