We tweeted a team meeting



Screenshot 2015-02-23 12.25.49It was a first for me and it may well have been a first for Drake Music and everyone else in the meeting. In last week’s national managers meeting we decided – I say we – I think it was Danny and Jonathan – to tweet our discussions. You should be able to see the tweets and images and links we shared here.

Once we established how we would do it, ie say if you didn’t want something tweeted, it seemed to run smoothly. Being an organisation with associates dispersed all around the country it seemed a good way of sharing what DM is up to and has been up to. There is a lot to share what with so much going on.

During the meeting we also had some input from ‘outside the room’ which was great. This showed how useful Twitter can be for sharing what DM does and has planned. Thanks for all those who took part – I thought it was a brave move.

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