Prima Vista braille scores and other resources

Prima Vista publishes braille music and carries out research and development in braille music technology projects. Visitors to Prima Vista’s website at can browse by ear for braille editions and then buy them as digital downloads or embossed scores. The catalogue ranges from pop to classics and is constantly growing, but if you don’t find what you want, you can send an email to

Prima Vista has also provided braille editions for Sing Up, as both scores and lyric sheets, and for the Trinity Guildhall electronic keyboard examinations syllabus.

We have been developing the MidiBraille system of score creation since 2003; this is now being tested at Trinity College London and University College Cork. The system enables a visually impaired musician to create both a braille score and a print notation score from a midi keyboard, where text and symbols, as well as notes, are input. It is designed to capitalise on the aural and manual skills of visually impaired musicians, rather than requiring them to mimic the actions of a sighted computer user.

Prima Vista works with organisations, institutions and individuals to bridge the accessibility gap for visually impaired musicians.

Here’s a short film about Prima Vista by The Guardian.