Week One

Beginning Translations
Beginning Translations

Posted By Rebecca

Are you OK? Bit concerned not to have heard from you since last week. Have been emailing your hotmail account – so am trying your other account now too. Will forward past emails, in case you didn’t get them! I’ve made the video, but am having a hard time uploading it in any half-decent watchable form! I’m also going to email you (in a separate email to follow this one) a clearer version, which I very much hope you will be able to open in QuickTime Player – do you both have QuickTime Player? Please let me know whether it works?I’d hoped that there would be an easily-updatable blog type section of the new DM website, ready for us to upload images, text, music and video. But our web programmers have been away, and may not be able to work on this until Wednesday. Can you open / watch this? can you send me a link to your work?  although I have quicktime player I was unable to open the video No, I’m afraid can’t view it. I have IMovie installed and can normally watch movies.7 MarDay1Picture 5-608x380

Yes, I’ve been able to view it on Youtube. I wonder if hotmail had been putting my emails into spam or something? Had you received Ailis’s emails to your hotmail account? I’m not an experienced software instructor, particularly not via email we’re working on a project focusing on online communication and translation already the internet and my mysterious technical difficulties have already affected our initial preliminary work, my lack of communication has probably concerned, if not irritated both of you, and may have even made you form little thoughts or opinions about me. I often find the whole internet process a very frustrating one, various innocuous things become very irritating, like spelling and double checking and memory. I was concerned, but not irritated. I easily separate the human from the technology, and my concerns were for you, combined with an inkling that the technology might not be co-operating

7 marPicture 11d-608x381My frustrations lie in finding a method to convert my carefully-tended video piece for online viewing, in a way that keeps it’s detail I’m only on a mobile dial-up connection, so it’s difficult for me to send you other examples of work today Hotmail address is the safe bet I think, I’m getting 2 copies at the moment of everything so that’s much than none…although I don’t think I’ll use the drakemusic account aswell as I’m confused enough with two email addresses at this end


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