The Lost Age


Today sees the start of my journey in exploring the issues around how to engage better with young disabled musicians and artists aged 18-30.

This large scale piece of investigative research examining the cause and solution to the lack of access to provision for disabled artists aged 18-30. We are struggling to reach these young people, so are many other organisations.

I would like to: have conversations with senior people across arts organisations/music sector/disability sector, have conversations with young disabled and non-disabled people within the lost age, set up a discussion forum online via The Lost Age thread on the Discuss & Debate section, set up a face-to-face discussion forum and action group, blog about my findings, develop some projects and write an article for publication.

My initial question is: Why are disabled artists aged 18-30 choosing not to engage with Drake Music and other arts organisations and how can we reach this age group?

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