Connect and Collaborate London 2016/17 – Meet ups and more for disabled musicians


Connect and Collaborate London is a year-long programme of events which aims to increase opportunity and visibility for Disabled  artists, musicians and sound artists.

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The programme will kick off with DM Collaborate, which will then be followed at a later date by CPD work with professional Disabled musicians, commissions for emerging and established Disabled artists, provocations and presentations on hot topics in the sector and a final showcase event in early 2017.

DM Collaborate meet ups

DM Collaborate is a monthly meet up for Disabled musicians, producers, sound artists, singers and composers.

Each session will aim to create an environment which supports creative experimentation and growth.

We are extending an open invitation to Disabled artists (in the widest musical sense of the word) to come along, get involved and take the floor – share current work, discuss your creative process, join in a jam session, exchange knowledge and ideas.

DM Collaborate: Roundhouse (1st March 2016)

We are delighted to be launching the first DM Collaborate meet up at the Roundhouse. Each one will be hosted at a different venue across London, with the aim that we will reach a broad range of musicians and that the musicians will have the chance to connect with different venues.

These events will be co-ordinated and facilitated by our Artistic Associate Ivan Riches who will be on hand to bring the group together, to answer questions and to keep things going with a swing.

The meet up will open with presentations from the group – this will be informal and will be a chance for you to tell everyone what you’re working on and/or what you would like to work on in the future.

After that will be a jam session to explore different ways of creating sounds and music and to think about performance practice, followed by the knowledge exchange where you will hear from industry professionals, see demonstrations of new technology, find out about commission and performance opportunities and more.


Get Involved

Our first DM Collaborate session is in on 1st March and we’re looking for people to come and get involved.

The first meeting will involve presentations from:

Ivan Riches about the past work of the Connect & Collaborate programme as well as a short presentation about Sonic Vistas, an ACE funded project he imitated, created and delivered along with other disabled musicians for the mayor of London’s Liberty Festival 2015.

Kris Halpin, a professional musician and singer songwriter. Fresh from his The Gloves are On tour, he will discuss his work with the Mi.Mu gloves  developed by a team led by Imogen Heap, now a Drake Music advocate.

If you are a Disabled musician, performer or artist who uses music or sound within their professional work then register to attend the first event in March.

To register your interest please complete the online form.

Event Info

1st of March

Time: 12noon – 3.30pm

Venue: Roundhouse

Address: Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8EH

Registration:  Follow the link to register via survey gizmo

Questions? Get in touch on twitter or via phone/email


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