Using iPads for Music – a free guide

The Drake Music Think22 team have been working hard on creating a free guide to using iPads as instruments for creative music-making.

The guide offers step-by-step instructions and mini video tutorials to get you started with 3 apps for music sessions and how to use them in an accessible way for your classroom teaching, in ensembles or in one-to-one lessons.

Tablets can be versatile instruments and can remove lots of different disabling barriers to music. Build your confidence in using them with this free guide.

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Under-confident in using tech

Think22 is a strategic programme of training, advocacy, resources and partnership working which aims to boost inclusion across music education.

From our work across the sector we know that lots of music hubs, schools and music teachers still feel under-confident using music technology in their work and are crying out for training and easy-to-use resources to help them

So, we put together a training day on Inclusion and Music Tech in Practice which combines the theory of inclusion with a hands-on tutorial in music technologies, and we created this guide to go alongside it.

Get to grips with iPads

As part of the training we show music leaders how to use iPads in their workshops and we created this free interactive guide to Using iPads for Music to support them with it.

It is suitable for anyone interested in using iPads as a creative musical tool and is free to access.

Follow along and learn how to create beat loops, record a backing track, set up a keyboard to suit different players and more.

Watch as Bea and Cassie talk you through how to set up the apps in an inclusive way, in simple bite-size steps.

Access the guide

Using iPads for Music