Inclusion & Music Tech in Practice

A young man with short brown hair smiles broadly as he leads a workshop on music technology

Discover a creative opportunity for music education.

About the training:

Explore innovative approaches to music education & engagement in a course which combines theory with practice, delivered by experienced trainers.

Encounter new ideas, or refresh your knowledge, about inclusion and the Social Model of Disability. Find out how you can apply this thinking in your workshops and classes to make them more open, creative and inclusive.

Embrace the fun of new music technologies and how to use them in education and participation projects.

It is designed to be accessible for a group with mixed levels of knowledge and experience of both disability equality and music technology.

Suitable for:

  • Beginners
  • Music leaders – in both informal and formal settings – suitable for people who haven’t worked in inclusive settings before
  • Teachers who deliver music lessons as part of a wider teaching role
  • Schools – mainstream and specialist schools interested in music
  • Music Education Hubs

The course is designed and delivered by trainers with lived experience of disability and music education and participation.

A young girl smiles at a Disabled musician as he shows her something on an ipad

Practical info:

  • This is a full day session and can be run both on and offline. If run online it will be split into two half-day sessions.
  • It can be booked for 15 people in person and 25 people online.
  • The music tech element can be tailored to your team’s requirements.

Find out more:

Download the full course info, including a breakdown of the day and how to book via the links below:

If you would like the course information in a different format, please let us know.