ON THE AiR – Gareth Cutter – 27th Nov 2020


We are really excited to be welcomed into The Anxious Mansion by Gareth Cutter this Friday.

A red rubber glove stands up on a plain surface, with antibacterial gel on and next to it. This looks like a strange laboratory of some kind with plastic sheeting and measuring implements around.

The event is part of our ON THE AiR micro festival celebrating the new work being made by our three Artists-in-Residence.

Described as a ‘bedroom broadcast’, this zoom performance will engage and beguile the viewers’ senses with song, light and shadow, movement and creatively inter-twined audio description.

The Anxious Mansion features two cameras-as-narrators, Hugh and Hu2, they blur the lines between performer and tech, observer and guide.

Meet Hugh and Hu2 in this sneak preview:


Creative access is intertwined in this piece, where cameras are narrators giving us audio description and the captions are written with the artist to convey the feeling and sound of the music.


We are inviting people from across the arts and music worlds to join us for ON THE AiR and to be the first to experience, hear and see these new works by talented Disabled musicians.

Find out more and RSVP here.

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