Mi.Mu Gloves – Work in Progress

As part of our Research and Development programme we are collaborating on the Mi.Mu Gloves project initiated by Imogen Heap.

Imogen Heap with Mi.Mu Gloves
Image via Decoded Fashion

The gloves use cutting edge technology to create a wearable instrument, and we thought this could have useful applications for accessibility.

Kris Halpin is a professional musician and singer songwriter. In 2014 Halpin, who has an impairment that is making guitar and piano playing increasingly difficult, approached Drake Music to work with us to explore new technology that could allow him to continue making music as an expressive performer.

He is now working with the MiMu gloves through this programme and has said that the technology has literally changed his life.

Kris Halpin and Imogen Heap
Kris and Imogen

The MiMu gloves are a musical interface developed by a team led by Imogen Heap, now a Drake Music advocate.

Looking for a more expressive way to use music technology on stage, Imogen put together a team who, over many years and with a lot of work, have come up with this unique gestural device.

It is both one of the most expressive and deep interfaces we have seen, but also one of the most difficult to truly master.

This gives a depth of experience and engagement more normally seen in the playing of traditional instruments. The MiMu gloves team truly are digital Luthiers.

Kris has been experimenting with the gloves and recording his progress along the way. Here you can see him running through some Mi.Mu moves.