The DMLab team is growing…


5 years into the DMLab programme, the DMLab team is expanding to assist in the delivery of our innovative programme across Manchester, London and soon Bristol.

John Kelly & Gawain Hewitt at the Web We Want festival at Southbank Centre
John Kelly & Gawain Hewitt at the Web We Want festival with the Kellycaster.
Image by Emile Holba.

Gawain Hewitt will remain as Associate National Manager for R&D, and John Kelly will remain as DMLab advocate and the co-host of the DMLab London meetings.

Tim Yates

Tim Yates is joining the team as Associate DMLab producer.

Tim, a trained musician and composer, is Director of Hackoustic, a music hacking group he co-founded and which a number of the London DMLab community are a part of. He will be working with Drake Music on strategy, as well as co-leading the London meetings.

Rachael Moat

Rachael Moat has been running the DMLab Manchester meetings as a volunteer for the past year.

She is joining the team as Associate Project Manager, to continue running the Manchester programme. Rachael is a trained musician and is a practicing music workshop leader. Rachael has had considerable success as a maker, winning several prizes, and will continue to be a real asset to the team.

Asha Ward

Asha Ward, will be joining the team as Associate Project Manager to set up and run the Bristol DMLab programme.

Asha is studying for a PHD at Bournemouth University, where her focus is accessible music technology. She has attended our hackathons as a participant, and has a strong network in Bath and Bristol as a maker.

I’m sure you will join us in welcoming our new team, and we are very excited about the work we will be doing together over the coming 6 months!