Announcing the first winners of the Emergent commissions!


We are excited to announce the winners of two important Emergent commissions for emerging disabled musicians.

We put out a call for proposals for 3 commissions for emerging musicians and sound artists based in different geographical regions.

We had a fantastic response with a wide range of high quality applications proposing exciting new musical creations of all genres.

After much discussion and debate with our commission partners at Brighter Sound and Funky Llama we are thrilled to announce the first two winners:

  1. Drake Music & Funky LLama commisson winner: Luke Lundin

    I am delighted and overjoyed to be receiving this Commission and the  backing and support of both Drake Music and Funky Llama. I am hopeful that with the support of Drake Music,  new doors can open , untapped potential can be unlocked and most importantly of all the artists’ music gets the recognition it deserves.
    L.G.L.Lundin 😎

    Explore Luke’s work on Youtube

  2. Drake Music & Brighter Sound commission winner: Ben Lunn

    Ben is photographed in profile, in repose against a sparkling seaThe theme of ‘Music and the Environment’ is an intriguing one, due to the broadness of the subject and the far-reaching implications. For me, the best way to approach this theme, as well as addressing the very nature of being disabled; is to consider the implications of music and the environment in which the disabled live. To explore what it means to be a disabled music maker in the world we live in.

    A world in which Fascism is on the rise, the disabled are suffering the brunt of the government’s cuts, and people are still eager to ‘cure’ us. This combined with grander international problems like global warming, financial chaos, and the looming possibility of war; where on earth do we fit in? Where and how do the disabled respond?
    Ben Lunn

    Hear Ben’s piece “Canon For The Last Day” on Soundcloud

The winners will receive mentoring and support from Drake Music and partners to deliver their final piece.

About Emergent

Emergent: A Music Legacy is a programme designed to open up new opportunities for disabled musicians to develop their portfolios in terms of new commissions and training opportunities to work in music education.

We would like to thank our partners at Brighter Sound and Funky Llama for their invaluable contributions to the commissions so far and in the future.

The final commission winner of this first round will be announced in the run up to Christmas.

Emergent is supported by Help Musicians UK.

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