Research & Development

Our Research & Development programme seeks to inspire, support, agitate and share ideas, projects, products and approaches to developing accessible musical instruments and technology.

We explore and develop innovative technology which creates new ways for people to engage in music making, beyond traditional instruments. The Drake Music team are passionate about using technology to break down disabling barriers to music.

Why Research & Development?

There is a real need for a broader variety of accessible instruments, so we bridge the gap between musicians and hackers, technologists and developers to pioneer new accessible music technology.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and it is vital to include accessibility issues at the forefront of technological developments now, so that they will start to be included as standard in the future. Disabled musicians are at the heart of all our technological work, setting the agenda for change.

We support people and organisations as they explore new music technology, and encourage the embedding of accessible principles and ideas. Importantly, we share what we do, so that more knowledge is out there for the development of new technologies.

Our R&D Programme includes:

  • Technology testing, development and evaluation
  • Supporting a community of hackers and coders with regular hackspace events
  • Yearly open Hack Day events tackling a big issue in accessible music technology
  • Prototyping and product support

Our R&D work feeds in to our Artistic Development programme as we find new technologies to enable artists to further their creative expression and professional practice.

It supports our Learning & Participation programme by assessing and evaluating the assistive technology products currently available and finding the best uses for them in a classroom or workshop setting.

It also contributes to our Training & Consultancy programme by ensuring that our courses and trainers are up to date with all the latest technological developments and can support others to learn to use them.

Find out more about our current projects:

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Mi.Mu Gloves
Hack Events
Sharing Knowledge
Testing & Evaluating Equipment
Prototyping and Product Support

If you are interested in working with Drake Music, please call the National Office on 020 7739 5444 to discuss or email