Webinar recording – the Youth Music SEN/D Quality Framework


Drake Music hosted its first ever webinar on 23rd November! Please find the video recording below.

The event was delivered in partnership with Youth Music, as part of Drake Music’s Think2020 initiative to strengthen inclusion across the music education sector.

The focus of the webinar was the new ‘SEN/D friendly’ version of the Youth Music Quality Framework for music practitioners (‘Do…Review…Improve’).

Over 50 people tuned in from across the UK to find out more about the framework and to pose questions for the two hosts, Jonathan Westrup (Music Education Manager, Drake Music) and Matt Griffiths (CEO, Youth Music).

We were truly heartened at the positive feedback for this event and there will now be a follow up webinar on April 27th 2017, when people will be invited to share with us their experiences of using the framework.

We would love you to join us again (or for the first time) then and more details will be announed closer to the date.

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We would also welcome your feedback on the webinar – leave us a comment below and look out for the survey link via email if you attended.

The webinar also included a user-led chat room in which some really interesting and exciting conversations happened.

Here are a few snippets:

How people use the Framework
19:43:39 From Marie Negus : We use the framework as a reflective aid for practitioner meetings…to give peer support and critical friend guidance
19:43:41 From id116117 to All Panelists : it helps practitioners to reflect in and on practice which is important for progression
19:43:43 From carrie to All Panelists : One of the things that we are really keen on in Wiltshire is how some of this connects to the SMEPs- so we have good understanding and buy in from schools

Which hubs are doing a good job?
20:16:51 From dick : Which music hubs should we be pointing colleagues towards who are doing this? So that we can celebrate and share the most effective practice?
20:16:58 From Rosie : The more shared knowledge between music facilitators and SEN/D teachers the stronger the workforce will become
20:17:05 From Rosie : Birmingham
20:17:12 From Steve Hawker : Encouraging to see music hub leaders have lots of presentations about the positive impact of music leaders work with hubs. Its on their radar (I hope)
20:17:19 From Steve Hawker : At Music Mark
20:17:32 From s503sgray : Birmingham

A discussion on Music Tech
From Anita Holford : Yes! Music tech as a term is a barrier to many people, often those we most need to convince about it’s value!
20:28:39 From Beatrice Hubble : Tech is great as long as you are well trained in how to use it and it works every time in context!
20:28:57 From Rosie : Music Tech- always limited by funding though
20:29:05 From dick : MEC also has a music tech working group who are trying to address these issues
20:29:06 From Rosie : especially in our school
20:29:08 From KrisHalpin to All Panelists : Definitely agree on that! I meet a lot of resistance when talking to hubs/teachers about music tech – a term that strikes fear in a lot of people!
20:29:10 From chris lammin : true Rosie
20:29:18 From Nathan Portlock to All Panelists : Tech is good, instruments that rely upon eyes on screens are a bad idea!
20:29:30 From Beatrice Hubble : The technology and apps are changing so quickly that consistent training and feedback sessions are really important.
20:29:33 From JimChorley : yes s503sgray…the one you just mentioned…it sounds interesting….thanks.
20:29:52 From douglas noble : Very good point, Jonathan. Music Tech does not have to be expensive or more expensive than other instruments
20:30:12 From leonie to All Panelists : I teach music in a special school and regularly colaborate with mainstream schools. We are also very fortunate to be colocated with a mainstream school and share a music department. its been great for inclusion
20:30:34 From Rosie : Tech is changing faster than we can research its effectiveness, especially when the time it may take our learners to aquire skills/familiarity

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