What Drake Music shared in June 2014


I’ve just compiled a Storify of what Drake Music shared in June 2014. I really should rename the Storifies ‘A month in the life of Drake Music’ as that is what they are. You can see the Storify here.

As you can see, there was a lot going on across the organisation – from winning funding, running events, trying out new technologies, launching new training programmes. The list goes on.

My work for Drake Music has been concerned with using social technologies to help connect colleagues internally and to amplify the work of the organisation externally. As you can see from the list of Storifies below, the organisation is going from strength to strength in sharing its work. This is also supported by an increasing use of Yammer, Drake Music’s internal social network.

Well done to all Drake Music colleagues – the sharing in June’s Storify shows just how much is going on!

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