RAMP It Up!: Ready to Go!

Kris and Andy (DM) using Soundplant39 freeware
Kris and Andy (DM) using Soundplant39 freeware

I spent a very productive/ fun day last Friday (14th Dec) delivering some RAMP It Up! training with the Drake Music SW team in Manchester. RAMP (Real Accessible Music Participation) has been pioneered by Drake Music as a tried-and-tested model of delivery for accessible music making in schools. The main points/ outcomes are that a RAMP project will:

1. Provide a legacy for the school so that when DM moves on after 10 weeks of co-delivery, the school can continue to deliver music sessions independently and using it’s own equipment (plus freeware like Soundplant39 and Audacity)

2. Train teachers and support assistants. This happens both ‘on the job’ during sessions and also bespoke INSET/ Twilight training sessions.

3. Support the wider ‘whole school improvement’ agenda e.g. music making often encourages improved communiucation skills for SEN/ Disabled (SEND) children.

Drake Music are currently running RAMP It Up! projects in all of our regions – NW, SW and London, as well as in South Wales.


Accessible iPad apps smallMusic Hubs are increasingly recognising the model’s effectiveness to help them deliver on their core responsibilities, including the musical needs of SEND children and young people.

For more info on running a RAMP It Up! project at your school or area, email Jonathan Westrup (jonathanwestrup@drakemusic.org)

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