DM Collaborate Meet-Up at Furtherfield 7th of September 2016

Jamming with Billy
Billy Saga raps with DM Collaborate

Since our first meeting at the Roundhouse back in March 2016, DM Collaborate have had meet-ups for jamming, showcasing our music, skill and knowledge sharing and discussion in April, May, June, July, September and October – including a music improvisation to silent feature film session at Oval House in October. Our next event is on the 25th November 2016.

On the 7th of September, we had a major event at Furtherfield in Finsbury Park.

Billy Saga, a Brazilian rapper, and Ben Glass came over to run a workshop with ten of us DM collaborators.

Paul Bonham from Arts Council England gave our group advice about applying for ACE funding for individual artists/musicians.

Paul Bonham fro Arts Council England gives advice to the group
Paul Bonham from Arts Council England gives advice to the group

Four of us improvised to a short film made by Oliver Cross (Cello, Guitar, Keyboards and Harmonica) about early Pink Floyd’s old haunts in Cambridge, and 12 of us improvised to two of my short art films.

Oliver Cross plays Harmonica to his short film
Oliver Cross plays Harmonica to his short film

The main focus and highly anticipated event of the day was in working with Billy Saga and Ben Glass, who devised an excellent workshop.

Billy offered his lyrics and cut them up for us to use as musical motifs or for our singers to sing or rap to, while Ben devised a backing beat for us to jam over.

We then jammed with Billy, working in pairs, using call and answer singing and instrument playing.

Instruments included:

  • Cello (Jo-anne Cox)
  • Viola (Zak De Santos)
  • Guitar (Dee Fry)
  • Keyboards (myself)
  • iPads (Rosie Vachat, Sophie Partrige and a new visitor)

Lyn Levitt programmed her rap lines as vocals into her iPad and delivered excellent electronic rapping, while Cina Rama and Rosanna Walker provided wonderful singing.

Billy’s open rapping style was inspiring to work with and facilitated an excellent Jam that lasted 11 minutes.

Lyn Levett raps
Lyn Levett raps
Cina Rama sings
Cina Rama sings

If you wish to see the short film showing the whole day’s events made by Simon Puriņš, follow this link:

Billy Saga’s tour was supported by Unlimited (delivered by Shape and Artsadmin); celebrating the work of disabled artists, using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England with additional funds from the British Council, Arts Council of Wales, Creative Scotland and Spirit of 2012.

Connect & Collaborate London is funded by City Bridge Trust.

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