Our pitch at PITCH


This week I attended Pitch in Milton Keynes.  Pitch was on as part of the Sync South East programme.  Sync is a leadership development programme for disabled artists and arts workers. Sync South East is part of Accentuate, which is looking to create a cultural shift around disability in the way we all include, involve and inspire.

I was there amongst a number of other companies/artists and organisations including Anya Ustaszewski, StopGap Dance Company, Senscity and UpStream.  It was great to get an update on how other artists are working and to get an idea of the kind of programmes other organisations are developing.  Even better was the opportunity to introduce some new people to the world of DM and wax lyrically about the work we do.  I had lots of interesting discussions and there was also a lot of praise about the website (which is really good news).

Next stop – Decibel in September.

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