Sounds Of Intent

Based on extensive research and observations over 10 years, Sounds of Intent is an assessment framework for those making music with children and young people with learning difficulties (ranging from PMLD to SLD to autism). SoI is designed to help teachers and parents relate what they observe in music sessions with a child into more concrete statements/ levels – and then to plan activities that will support progression to the next level within appropriate timescales. SoI software is free to use and Teachers are encouraged  to create an account and get started by going to SoI actively want teachers and parents to enter the data that they collect (process is secure and anonymous) which generates printable graphs and charts of a child’s progress.

The framework is divided into three areas (or ‘segments’): Reactive, Proactive and Interactive. Each segment is then divided into 6 levels and then each level has four elements within it. The fact that levels are broken down into smaller steps supports teachers in making accurate judgments about where a person’s current progress lies.

You can explore the SOI framework for yourself here:

Sounds of Intent Framework

The Sounds of Intent research project was set up in 2002 jointly by the Institute of Education, Roehampton University, and the Royal National Institute of Blind People.