UK Disability History Month 2016 – a playlist


As UK Disability History Month draws to a close we thought we would share some resources they have produced around the 201 theme of Disability and Language, along with some great tracks from disabled musicians.

You can also read the piece we wrote for the Musician’s Union for UK Disability History Month here.

Disability and Language

Drake Music’s approach to disability is rooted in the Social Model.

We will be bringing you a series of blog articles on this theme in January, which will explore the different historical ideas about disability and how they have led to the Social Model.

If you would like to get a head start on understanding this then have a read of the UK Disability History Month broadsheet for 2016, which tackles this topic around the theme of Language.

Download the broadsheet here.

A Playlist of Music by Disabled Musicians

There is a wealth of interesting music being made by disabled musicians, so this is just a very quick snapshot of tracks in different genres for you to enjoy.

We’ve tried to mix it up with some names you’re sure to recognise and a few which might be new to you.

Please note, it’s important to recognise that not all of the musicians below will necessarily identify as disabled – read the UKDHM Broadsheet above if you would like to learn more about what that means.

If you have any more to suggest we’d love to hear them – leave us a link/video in the comments!

  • Charlotte White

  • Melody Gardot

  • Fish Police

  • Ray Charles

  • Winter of ’82

  • Blind Musical Flames

Play: Tifi Sidom

Listen to more on Awesome Tapes From Africa’s website

    • Def Leppard

  • Clarence Adoo

  • Lizzie Emeh

  • Jacquline Du Pre

  • Kuljit Bhamra

  • Ian Dury

  • Billy Saga

  • Lloyd Coleman

  • A.C. and Mamie Forehand

Bonus Tracks…

And here are a couple more for good luck – tracks made by participants on electronic music production courses run by our Bristol and Manchester teams:

If you’d like to hear more tracks from Drake Music projects and events then head over to our Soundcloud now.

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