Lovely feedback from a teacher


We have been working on a project called House of Mirrors with artist Rob Olins.

It is an immersive sound installation which is touring special schools in the South West before it heads to the Arnolfini art gallery.

Sound installation in a room

Our Associate Musicians have been touring with the piece and today received this fantastic feedback from a teacher at one of the schools:

The HOM project enabled pupils , with a wide range of needs, to achieve a number of cross curricular skills: locating sound, creating sounds, controlling sound, making choices, memory and recall skills, story telling, taking turns and working together, sequencing , focusing on an activity in an open outdoor space (and managing behaviour) and having fun!’

One of our senior, teenage pupils was able to improvise and communicate using a microphone, and to take turns in response to his TA. He loved the feedback and effects he got from the dishes.

HOM is a great tool and experience for pupils who are visually impaired.

Kate Kinsey, teacher, Paternoster School

Thank you to Kate for taking the time to send this to us and to all the participating schools and learners for engaging with the project in such imaginative ways.

Read more about House Of Mirrors here.

If you would like Drake Music to work in your school then please contact us.

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