Let’s hear you! Students, send us your music


60 seconds of fame and recognition with Drake Music!

Have you got a GSCE or A-level composition that you’d like to hear performed and shared by our Drake Music community? Or have you been writing songs/melodies outside of school that you would like to hear us play?

Drake Music is a team of Disabled and non-disabled people working together to make sure that everyone has the chance, instruments and support they need to make music.

As exams aren’t happening, schools are closed and we are all waiting to find what’s next for students, we thought it would be great time to pull together artists from all walks of life to get some more music out into the world!

We know that so many of you have put so much time and effort into pieces for your courses, or for your music-making groups, and we’d love to help you them get heard and appreciated by a wider audience, after all you’ve already done all the hard work – now it’s time for the praise and recognition!

The words Let's Hear You overlaid on an image of headphones on sheet music

Submit your songs!

Each week that the schools remain shut, we’ll be selecting and performing 3 compositions submitted by you to be shared across our social media platforms.

They’ll be performed by professional musicians – different members of our in-house Drake Music family – and sometimes you might hear them in a totally new way, on instruments you’ve never heard of before!

Send us your favourite one minute selections from your pieces and we’ll choose 3 to play and share!

Please be aware:

  • Pieces may be slightly edited to allow performance by our different instrumentalists
  • The 1 minute limit applies to all submissions – this is so that we can record and share them on our social media channels
  • Multiple entries from one student are allowed
  • Pieces will be recorded and shared on the Drake Music website & social media along with the musician’s first name.

How to submit

  • Choose a minute’s worth of music that you’ve written, for your course work or for yourself as a musician
  • Email the notation to info@drakemusic.org
  • Tell us a bit about what you wrote in one sentence… e.g. What was it inspired by? What musical choices did you make and why?
  • Tell us your name and age – we will share first names only online
  • Cross your fingers… we will let you know if your piece has been selected!

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