Follow up on the Drake Music Panel at Music Mark 2017


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our panel discussion at Music Mark music education conference, both in the room and on twitter.

We discussed the topic: Music Hubs and disabled musicians: A blossoming partnership?

Our panel included Carien Meijer and Jonathan Westrup from Drake Music, Peter Bolton from Kent Music and three of our associate musicians: John Kelly, Gemma Nash & Sarah Fisher.

We captured questions, thoughts and comments live in the room from participants. These offer a great starting point for thinking about how well inclusion is really embedded in music education.

You can also scroll down to read the full Storify of the #DMPanel hashtag.

Comments during #DMPanel

  • Irony overload: I’ve worked in 2 SEN/D schools, both fairly poor for access in staff areas (no accessible toilets for adults)… no provision for the possibility of a disabled person *working* despite otherwise amazing access support for pupils
  • I voted yes because the question was “Has it become more inclusive”. There’s been progress. Doesn’t mean I think we are there yet #LongWayToGo
  • Is a key issue re-educating society as a whole to embrace music-making in all it’s forms, not to just go down the traditional music routes?
  • Yes! Musical traditions unfortunately can uphold access barriers, esp. re: accessible music tech
  • We need to learn from other sectors – in particular the dance sector has some great examples
  • Progress has been made for supporting special schools. The main challenge now is providing progression opportunities for disabled musicians.
  • So should we ask the question… what is inclusion?
  • There’s a danger of having just one specific inclusion/SEN/D offer, or one person in a hub responsible for it. Is that real inclusion?
  • Advice: engage directly with disabled people. Immerse in vibrant disability arts scene
  • Advice for hubs: Simple, get the right partners and specialists round the table. We can’t all be experts in everything!
  • Great session – thought provoking. Let’s keep sharing, doing, trying, risk-taking and achieving until we have a truly inclusive musical offer.

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