Arts Council England Music Survey


Arts Council England is currently carrying out research into the professional development needs of musicians.

We are delighted that career development for musicians is being given serious consideration and we want to ensure that the voices and needs of disabled musicians are included.

Disabled musicians performing together on stage
Drake Music Creative Lab, London (March 2013)
Photo: M. Clifford

The responses to the survey will inform how Arts Council England deliver support to musicians in the future.

We know that disabled artists will have some career development issues which are different to non-disabled artists and so we want to ensure that those requirements are recognised and are included in Arts Council England’s planning.

We ask that every musician, engineer, promoter, venue, songwriter, composer and artist we work with fill in this survey. Not only that, but once you have filled it in share it – with your personal and professional networks and on social media.

Let’s work together to ensure that the voices of disabled musicians are heard loud and proud.

Fill in the survey here and please do pass it on!