Sonic Vistas – an update

Sonic Vistas is a project from Ivan Riches, funded by Arts Council England which involved bringing disabled artists, musicians and film-makers together for an exciting cross-artform performance at Liberty Festival in London.

Image by Gary Day
Image by Gary Day

Ivan documented the project on Disability Arts Now, with fascinating blog posts documenting the creative process. Here is an excerpt from the latest blog:

“The outcome of the Sonic Vistas project developed way beyond my initial concept. Entirely due the level of open creative sharing between us, 7 completely different artists working equitably together as a group. My initial idea was to make 5 films projections with text to inspire our music making. This was only partially working, so we developed a more open exchange between the music making and forming the visuals, achieved through group discussion, recording our music as we developed it and me taking those influences back into my filmmaking.”
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Ivan has created a fantastic project which will be continuing beyond this one performance, bringing together disabled artists from different genres and disciplines to learn, collaborate and stretch their creative processes.

Explore the tracks and read more information about the final performance here.