London Half Term


Hello from DM London!

We’re getting ready for two exciting projects this week, both kicking off tomorrow morning.

Firstly we’re running an accessible DJ workshop with Ealing Mencap. We’re delighted to welcome Tom Slater and Luke Turner to the team for this one. Both are experienced DJs and Tom has been developing his own system for making DJing accessible to all. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

Secondly we’re working in partnership with THAMES (Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service) to deliver a week-long Accessible Orchestra project called Kids Connect. Ed Farmer from London Arts Orchestra is leading this with support from Jen Macro and Nick Wilsdon.

We’re also very pleased to announce that Jen’s band Something Beginning With L has been signed toArmellodie Records. We’ll all be looking out for their releases!

More to follow… 🙂

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