Katy Rose Bennett – How I Made ‘Dissolution’

Katy Rose Bennett is a Drake Music Artist in Residence, 2022.


This is a little video about the creative journey I’ve been on this year.

I wanted to create a piece using live voice, vocal samples and music tech.

I initially had this idea of making a live vocal sampling workstation which I called ‘Hydra’ and I imagined it looking something like this:

A pencil drawing of a performer standing behind an array of equipment, including a Boss Loop Station and an Ableton Push. The person has short hair, headphones and a microphone. There is a laptop and two speakers at the front of the stand on which the equipment sits.
Katy Rose Bennett – Hydravox

That’s not where I ended up going but it’s interesting that that’s where I started.

I set myself the task of learning Ableton which I’d always been a little scared of before. In my mind it felt like a very male domain (but that’s another conversation).

I learnt how to sequence beats, quantize, loop, trigger samples and create sample instruments out of my voice. At the same time, I spent some time with a Boss RC505 Loop station to explore live vocal looping.

As you’ll witness in the video, I had a LOT of fun experimenting, playing, and making weird sounds. I still can’t quite believe I was being paid to have so much fun! [Note to self: Art is work!]

It was through this creative journey that I came to create my final Drake Music Commission, ‘Dissolution’, a 5-part piece reflecting on disability and grief. It will be available to hear in our online exhibition from Wednesday 14th December 2022, alongside the work of my fellow AiRs, Rufus Isabel Elliot and Rebekah Ubuntu.