Your opinion is needed! Important Music Education Survey out now

Have your say on what happens in Music Education for the next 10 years.

The Department for Education need your help to plan for the next decade in music education.

A young musician from Belvue School performs

Music is a vital part of a young person’s education. Making music can bring joy, confidence and a chance for self-expression. There is a National Plan for Music Education which aims to make sure that all young people have access to music in their education.

The current version of the National Plan runs out in 2020. So the Department of Education are making a new one and they are asking for input from everyone involved – music professionals, young people, parents/carers and music educators.

We are pleased that they want to hear and take into account the views, ideas and experiences of these who will be directly affected.

We are really impressed to see that it has sections on under representation in the Music Education Workforce and the role of Music Technology.

They have started the consultation in an online questionnaire.

It is open until 13th March 2020.

They have said that they will take into account all responses, so this is your chance to have your voice heard.

There are general questions about music education and specific sections for:

  • Young People (aged 13-25) – Questions 25 – 33
  • Parents and Carers – Questions 34 – 40

Everyone is also welcome to respond to any other questions that they want to.

We wholeheartedly encourage contributing to this consultation.

If we can get responses from a broad range of people – including people who identify as Disabled – it will ensure that lived experience informs the new National Plan and it will make it stronger for all.

If you are in an organisation or project working directly with people who may need support with doing this, we would encourage that you do that.

Please fill it in, share with your networks and make sure that the voices of music education, young people and their parents and carers are heard!

Fill in the questionnaire