DM Lab events – Jan & Feb 2016


DMLab Meeting

The next DMLab meeting will take place at our Drake Music HQ in Shoreditch from 7pm on Tuesday 26th January.

The aim of DMLab meetings is to bring together hackers, makers, musicians and artists to work together on creating new accessible music technology.

If you can code, solder, are building a new type of drum or an intuitive interface for making music then get in touch and come along:

Read about previous DMLab meets here and here




Also we are planning a hackathon with Queen Mary University London using Bela (previously BeagleRT), so please save the date.

This will be a great opportunity to explore the potential of Bela for hosting both existing projects such as Kazumi and Kellycaster, but also for developing new ones.

There will be BELA kits to use on the day and support in using them.

More information as soon as we are able!


See Mi.Mu Gloves in Action!

Our Associate Musician Kris Halpin is touring the country with the Mi.Mu Gloves this January.  Read more here