Meet our 2023 selected Emergent Artists!

Image of three circles with different people inside. Circle one has a bright orange background and a woman with glasses and curly hair sitting down. Circle two is a black and white portrait of a woman and circle three is a photo of a woman speaking into a microphone who is in a wheelchair. Below is text saying Meet Our 2023 Emergent Artists and the circles are against a turquoise and yellow background.

We’re so excited to introduce to you our selected 2023 Emergent Artists!

Just a little recap, our Emergent Artist programme is a part of our professional development programme for Deaf and/orDisabled musicians. The three selected artists have the opportunity to make new music and develop their creative skills and gain a bursary of £1000.

So let’s get to know more about our fantastic new artists…


Photograph of an early 20s white woman with brown curly short hair sits on the ground holding a mysterious smirk painted in brown lipstick, in front of a warm orange background. Her legs are open with her knees up and elbows resting on them. The perspective is distorted with a fisheye lens so her legs and feet appear larger than reality. She wears brown leather cowboy boots, dark and light brown argyle print trousers, and a sparkly brown long striped sleeve top. Her nails are painted burgundy, and she has silver rings on each finger, a beaded bangle on one wrist, a brown pendant necklace, and brown aviator sunglasses. Against a yellow and light green background.

About Rivkala

Rivkala is an emerging Newcastle-based neo-soul artist, songwriter, singer and pianist, and an alumni of Generator NE’s First Notes programme, funded by Youth Music. Raised in Manchester on a varied diet of jazz, funk, disco, psych rock and soul, her writing is flavoured with their broad influence, characterised by catchy melodic hooks, bass-driven grooves and socially poignant lyrics.  

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A black and white photograph of a young women, 22 years old with dark long stripped back hair who is white, non-binary / androgynous, with one of their hearing aids visible. They have big eyes staring at the camera and are wearing a black turtleneck. The photo is against a yellow and green background.

About Geo 

Geo Aghinea (b. 2001, Romania) is a London-based producer, composer, and vocalist who continuously strives to create a distinctive soundscape that reflects their experience as a deaf musician who hears through a synthetic mechanism: hearing aids.  

As heard on their self-produced EP titled ‘I’ll Hand You A Hand’, Geo’s sound design, ethereal vocals, and poetic language create experimental, avant-garde immersive spatial sonic spaces that take listeners on emotive journeys. 

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A white woman in her early 20's with dark, bobbed hair with a full fringe and shaved sides. She has dark eye make-up and lipstick, and wears metal-rimmed glasses, a white button-up shirt and a black waistcoat. In front of a backdrop of large floor to ceiling glass windows, she sits in a powered wheelchair, surrounded by tables covered in technology and singing into a microphone.


Elizabeth J. Birch Bio

Elizabeth J. Birch is an undefined glitch. Fusing electronic sounds with evocative stories, she continues to baffle the system with her tech-wizardry and emotive vocals. A vocalist, composer, producer and tech-enthusiast, she believes that “music is for all,” and she strives for authenticity, intoxicated by how different sounds can create, and convey, emotional states. She is inspired by boundary-blurring artists such as Low, Gary Numan and David Bowie, as well as everyday occurrences and the world around her.

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